Our beginner-friendly sessions are on Tuesdays (6.30 to 8.00pm) and Thursdays (6 to 7.30pm). Your first 2 sessions are free, but you will have to pay £10 for one year's worth of insurance (which is the only joining fee!) After that, the price is £20 for four sessions or £40 per month (£20 concessions).

Please bring something comfortable to wear, like a T-shirt and tracksuit bottoms and cut your fingernails and toenails. The dojo has male and female changing rooms.

The Steel City Aikido Club trains at the Kyogikan dojo, a permanently matted, 24/7, Japanese-style dojo located by Devonshire Green.

Our main instructor Scott Allbright, 6th dan, began teaching Shodokan Aikido in Sheffield in 1991. Scott is a former World Champion and the national squad coach.

Our club is very successful at national and international competitions, and many members of the dojo are part of the national squad.

Due to both the excellent teaching quality and the large number of training sessions available, members who train regularly will be able to obtain their black belt within about 3 years.

Tel. 07785230384

Email. scottallbright@sheffieldaikido.org.uk

Unit 15 Devonshire Business Park
Eldon Street
South Yorkshire
S1 4GT

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